My boyfriend just put his hands up above his head and told me he has ears. Then he said his ears are mouths and everything sounds delicious…

Sunday Dec 12 @ 02:08pm

My boyfriend got me sucked into Doctor Who.

Oh no…

Sunday Apr 4 @ 09:30am

Ever have a time where everything seems to be going wrong and you’re just like “when will this ever get better?”

Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:44am

Less than 100 days!

Saturday Sep 9 @ 11:12pm
Wednesday Jun 6 @ 09:45am
Wednesday Jun 6 @ 07:49am

I’m so tired. I need to go back to the doctor for my thyroid. It shouldn’t be like this, I don’t know what’s wrong…

Friday Jun 6 @ 08:30pm
It’s serious now, guys!

It’s serious now, guys!

Thursday Jun 6 @ 01:47pm

200 days until Disney!

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 08:32am

Actually slept in until 10 today, which is crazy for me. Sleeping with someone else is always better.

Tuesday Jun 6 @ 10:35am
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